Patrick is a trading veteran with over 30 years of experience in trading. He developed an AI-Powered VC-PMI Indicator to help traders, hedge funds and institutions which can be YOURS on Ticker Tocker!

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After 30 years of trading in markets from New York to Chicago, CEO Patrick MontesDeOca founded the Equity Management Academy ( and developed the Variable Changing Price Momentum Indicator (VC PMI) to help traders from neophytes to veterans, hedgers and institution become more effective. The VC PMI is based on the principle of reversion to the mean, Fibonacci analysis and other analytical techniques. The automated artificial intelligence algorithm provides precise entry, exit and stop levels so you can make the highest probability trades and has earned an impressive track record.

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Patrick MontesDeOca’s Products

The VC PMI forms a daily A.I. prediction of the market. Patrick demonstrates his powerful technology in action every day LIVE on his trading channel.

Patrick uses the VC PMI Indicator to create trade ideas with confidence from his 30 years of experience in trading all different kinds of markets. Receive push notifications every time Patrick places a trade by subscribing to his trade ideas! This subscription includes both Chart & Text Ideas AND Verified Trades on Ticker Tocker!

What Ticker Tocker users have to say about Patrick:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

01/12/2020 03:30:16 pm

Ema trading, a real consistent approach

I want to write this review because in my long career of trading I only met a few people who truly are what they claim to be, ie a successful trader. Patrick is one of them. I started following his trades and ideas since mid-July 2019 on Ticker Tocker. What do I like about his approach? Patrick is very methodical, he approaches every market from the same trading philosophy. When the rubber band of an asset is too fat stretched, being overbought or oversold, that’s when the vc pmi indicator kicks in. Every day he lays out the different levels of extreme prices BEFORE the market opens. When prices reach one of these levels then he becomes focused on trying to trade the reversal of these levels. No second guessing, no fear of missing out, just methodically applying his logic and trade management.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

02/10/2020 12:07:19 pm

Limited Markets

By focusing on a handful of markets (primarily the metals) you gain insight where the important historical levels have been, thereby eventually reinforcing the daily/weekly levels which are in play and teaching you a consistent methodology. Einstein said that a fool keeps on making the same errors over and over again, thereby expecting different results. With Patrick it is the reverse, he keeps on doing the same good approach over and over again, getting the same positive output. That is called success. Keep on doing what you are good at.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

12/18/2019 05:10:06 pm

Steady profits…

Consistency: By taking most of his signals since July and risking appropriate conservative position size I was able to realize around 30% return with a small drawdown of around 10 % during the summer doll drums. Winning percentage was +/- 70 % with a nice winn to loss ratio of 2.14. These features result in a nice smooth rising equity curve, which is a traders dream. Steady profits, no big drawdowns, creating alpha. ( S&P up 8,2 % during the same period)
There’s no BS claims with Patrick like so many con artists who‘s only goal is to get your money in their pockets. We all know the traders porn of luxury life style, sportscars, jet planes , paying for student loans and all the bla bla bla which they use to mislead people into believing that making money is as easy as just following their “secrets “ and bullet proof methods which will generate 4 digits of return. Not so with Ema trading! What you see is what you get! And yes you have to work for it. That reminds me of a saying that only in the dictionary success precedes work.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

02/14/2020 02:30:12 pm

There are no secrets in his methodology

On the contrary: He just started a daily live early bird webinar on Ticker Tocker where he explains what he sees in the markets according to his approach. It is the viewer’s choice to take his advices and apply it to the markets, but every day you have the possibility to get a deeper understanding of the ema2trade algorithm. To conclude I think that Patrick in the end teaches you how to fish instead of feeding you fish every day which is worthless. You still have your own responsibility as a trader. I think it will be only a matter of time when real traders with real results see the value of the Ticker Tocker community. Finally a website which a trader can trust. A rare gem…

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