Jeff Manson and Kaitlyn Ochrym are experienced instructors who specialize in teaching students how to trade in the live markets. Our passion is helping students realize their full potential by giving them the tools needed to become confident traders. We’ll take the time to answer your questions in our live trading room and find high probability trading opportunities. Come join us for a free week trial to see how much you can learn and how we can help make you a smarter, more confident trader. Thank you!
Hello Everyone! My name is Jeff Manson, I have been involved with the capital markets since around 1996. I currently trade Stocks, Options, Futures, Options on Futures, FX and BitCoin. Over the last 20 plus years I have been trading and teaching in the industry, using many different styles and techniques to help all types of traders "Train the Eyes" and develop a trading plan for all types of markets. I welcome you to visit me in my LIVE BROADCAST and trade the "Live Markets" in real time through TickerTocker, when anyone is seeking to learn to trade it is important to see the action in real time (win or lose). And Jeff’s trade ideas are easy to use! Every day before the market opens Jeff gives you a number of entries and exits for different stocks. These are swing trade ideas, there’s no rush, you have ample time to put your orders in. Once that’s done you only have to monitor and wait till you exit. You can follow Jeff’s ideas precisely or you can exit at your discretion, dependent on your risk/reward appetite and your time horizon. Trading results for the last several months have averaged between 5-10% per month*. It doesn’t cost you anything to look, Jeff offers a one-week free trial.