Part time and HIGH performance. Learn to trade internationally with me, Brazilian Trading Legend Jon Barletta!
From 8 AM to 9:30 AM EST, I will be trading my native Bovespa Exchange and giving subscribers insight into the Brazilian exchange. From 9:30 AM to 11 AM EST, I will switch gears to trade the S&P 500 eMini futures markets. I will show all of my executions live, and explain my thought process. I’m entertaining, sincere, easy to understand, and professional. I have a degree in Business Administration, and am also an athlete, very successful, and easy to follow. I started in the markets in 2016, and worked at the largest educational and prop-trading firm in South America for five years. Three years ago I took over live operations at Atom University, operating every day in real time with our students and helping thousands of people who went there to improve their skills and profitability. I have taught day trading and swing trading and helped thousands of students succeed as traders. I have worked with both national and international prop-trading firms; teaching them Brazilian, American and Forex Markets. Now, I'm out on my own! I have been successfully trading on the international market since 2018 and I now want to help you do the same. You only need to follow me for a few hours per day to make money using my advice. I make TRIPLE DIGIT PROFITS monthly off of minimal trading size. During my time on Ticker Tocker, I have had a 75% winning percentage in my live trading room, making $22k from August to December 2020, using up to 3 e-Mini contracts per trade. Find out more now. I offer a free trial, so subscribe and hear for yourself!