Alan Rohrbach is THE Global Macro-Technical Leader on Ticker Tocker, and always stresses "I am in the ‘Clarity' business." His more than fifty years of professional market experience means you can benefit from both greater overall and near-term market insights. Humble beginnings on the old Chicago Mercantile Exchange floor evolved into international capital markets advisory forty years ago. He is known for his ability to focus down to the very near-term from his ‘macro’ economic indicator, central bank and geopolitical perspective… the proverbial ‘view from 30,000 feet’. His ability to educate folks from his early role teaching the CME Technical Analysis Course into his proprietary ‘Price Trend Analysis: The Broad Concept’ was instrumental in establishing his international institutional consulting retainers as the UK and Europe deregulated their markets thirty years ago. That clear communication is a major advantage for you to develop more effective market expectations that suit your individual style. We invite you to join the many capital markets participants who have benefited from Alan’s insights… Sign up for a complimentary service or limited time free trial TODAY!
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