Chief Market Strategist
Steve has spent 36 years trading stocks, futures, and ETFs. In 2005, Stephen founded his own firm to research and develop software to help identify trends, reversals, patterns, and divergences for all asset classes. Seeking to generate high alpha trading ideas, he and his team employ technical analysis by utilizing the proprietary charting software he developed. Steve is a day trader and a scalper. Scalping and day trading is very intensive but has what can be a big advantage; you’re out the position by the close of the markets. By following the actionable market calls in his live room or by following his trade picks, you could see as many as 10 or more new trading picks per day, with an expectation of 1-2% average return per trade* Go and look for yourself, there are hundreds of verifiable real time trade ideas, you can check each of them and discover how easy it can be when you follow Steve’s guidance. You can also simply use Steve’s knowledge as a trading tool, affirming as you trade that you are on the right side of the market. Steve’s trade picks have historically proven to be highly successful with some periods having a winning ratio in excess of 75%*. *Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.